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We exist to foster recovery and empower individuals, families, and our community.

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Our Visit with Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain came by to share some of his experience, strength and hope while filming Parts Unknown.

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There’s always something fun going on at the RECOVER Project!

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Recovery is Possible!

With our mission to reduce stigma, we are not afraid to step out into the community and put a positive face on recovery.

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Active Bystanders’ Training put on by OTF and Quabbin Mediation happening in the RPX Thursday June 29th from 1-3:30pm. Please register ahead by email to tess@opioidtaskforce.org
Sober Softball happening on Sunday Afternoons- Starting Soon Please sign up on the Community Board or give us a call!
Opioid Loss Support Group happening the FIRST Friday of every month from 2-3:30pm in the RPX.

Our Mission

The RECOVER Project is a safe, welcoming community that supports recovery by sharing the wisdom of our lived experience and strengthens our community through full participation. We create resource connections, advocate to overcome barriers and promote the reality that recovery is possible for all. Participate, Grow, Recover.

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Active Bystanders’ Training will be held at the RP on Thursday June 29, 2017 from 1-3:30pm in the RPX. Please register ahead.

As a bystander witnessing a harmful situation, you have a choice to make. Do you do something? What do you do?

Active Bystanders’ Training helps participants recognize when they are bystanders, analyze situations, and evaluate the consequences for everyone involved. The training heightens bystanders’ power. It teaches how bystanders can interrupt harm doing and generate positive actions by others. Active bystandership does not mean aggression against the harm doer. It means taking responsible action to help people in need instead of remaining passive and becoming complicit. Bystanders gain competencies they need if they decide to act when they witness something they feel is unfair, or wrong, or troubling.

To register, please email Tess Jurgensen at tess@opioidtaskforce.org.

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