Recovery Coaching

What is a Recovery Coach?

A Recovery Coach is here to guide participants on their own pathway of Recovery including how to initiate, maintain, and sustain it.

How can a Recovery Coach help?

  • Believes in the capacity for change
  • Cares & advocates for Recoveree
  • Provides honest & helpful information
  • Offers their own life as an example
  • Assists in problem solving
  • Provides links to recovery community, treatment options, and other supports
  • Helps establish a support network
  • Puts focus on recovery and wellness
  • An equal; Peer-to-Peer

How do I get more information or start working with a Recovery Coach?

Recovery coaching at The RECOVER Project is FREE!  No referral or insurance is needed.

To begin working with a Recovery Coach call us at 413-774-5489, send an e-mail to

or stop by our center at 68 Federal St, Greenfield, MA 01301.