Code of Ethics

The RECOVER Project programs are designed to strengthen recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, foster an environment where natural leadership can emerge, and bring people together within the recovery community to create positive change and overcome the stigma of addiction.


We are committed to providing the members of our community with a safe environment from which to nurture and enhance their recovery.

We believe that all related to the RECOVER Project are seeking to enhance their recovery and wellness.

We will seek to resolve conflicts with others and not to create disturbances by way of the use of profanity, gossip, fighting, choosing sides, outbursts of anger or harming others.

We will respect every member’s personal boundaries , physical, social, and emotional.

We will honor each other’s confidentiality and right to privacy.

We will not bring drugs and/or alcohol on the premises of the RECOVER Project or attend any RECOVER Project activity or meeting under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

When we have concerns for the safety of others, ourselves, or the integrity of the project, we will seek staff guidance.


We treat each member of the recovery community with care and compassion – the same way we wish to be treated – making sure everyone feels comfortable and confident that they have a voice.

For many, relapse is a part of recovery, and we will welcome back those who are struggling.

We will treat each member of the recovery community with care and compassion, as we wish to be treated.

We will work hard to represent all members of the community, especially those who feel they have no voice.

We will take extra care with new people who walk through our door, and try to make certain they feel welcomed and comfortable. When a member of the recovery community needs to talk, we will do our best to listen with full awareness, without criticism or judgment. When a member has the need for clinical work with a professional, we will do our best to refer that person to the appropriate support within the community.


We strive to treat everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve as a valued individuals, showing respect and appreciation for the members of the recovery community.

We will strive to treat everyone with dignity and respect, and as a valued individual.

We will show appreciation to our fellow recovery community members.

We will allow others to make their own decisions and choices in regards to their own lives.

We will be ready and willing to speak with anyone we may have inadvertently upset, and we will use listening skills in our communication.

We will be role models within the community, always remembering we are representatives to the RECOVER Project. We will make every effort to be considerate of each other regarding a tolerable noise level when working, and to honor others wishes for solitude whenever possible.

We will not take another’s belongings or any property of the RECOVER Project without first seeking permission.

We will work together as a group, maintaining the concept at all times of peer-run programs, remembering we are not counselors therapists, or professionals in this capacity, although some members may be in their professional lives.



“Recovery by any means” is our motto, declining association with any one model, approach or program.

We meet each person wherever they are in their recovery – from way of life and emotional stability to health.

We will seek to recognize our own biases and prejudices and attempt not to place them on others.

We will honor each others culture, race, life experience, belief system, class, age, and gender. We will do our best to acknowledge and validate the achievements and feelings of others.